“I Want You to Believe” is now available on CD Baby, Apple Music, Spotify, & other digital services worldwide. In a tiny rocky mountain cabin Anna crafted this ode to what could have been and what could be, if you’d only dare to take the risk to believe. “I Want You to Believe” is the second single from Anna’s new original album coming in 2020. The first single, “My Love is My Religion,” is also available digitally. Thanks to Steve Sobiech at Wisconsin Cheese Studios for producing “I Want You to Believe” and to James Jiang and Danielle Priest for the beautiful cello and flute.

“Sweet Song” is now available on the third BloomingSongs album Building Blocks. Anna composed “Sweet Song” and does the vocals and guitar. Phillip Hammond is featured on violin on the piece. Steve Sobiech recorded them at Wisconsin Cheese Studios. Building Blocks is a collection of wonderful local musicians performing songs with the intent for use with early childhood education. But this collection of music is beautiful for all ages. Please check it out on BandCamp: