To You

“To You”

“To You,” title track for Anna’s 2018 release, features Phillip Hammond on violin.

“To You Instrumental,” with Phillip Hammond, released on To You.

I try although I know I might
not succeed
it’s easy to believe we’re
too good to be
all of my words dissipate
into the air
transformed into melodies
when I see you standing there
but it’s coming over me
that you’re there
and I’m drowning under
waves of despair
but I still hope
through every note
the mountain tune
echoes my words
back to you
when I’m away
I hear your name
in everything; calling me
back to you

I never knew someone
could break the chains I keep
I never knew the shades in which you speak
or fate could play
such an ironic hand
teasing me with correlating storylines
I don’t understand
but it’s coming over me
that I’m here
and I’m dying under
waves of despair
I toss
and I turn
each word
a tape
on rewind
running through my mind
each phrase
I try although I know I might
not succeed
at winning your heart over
over to me

© 2018 Anna Wrasse.  All rights reserved.