So Much

“So Much”

“So Much,” released on To You, 2018.

riding through the dark
across the empty highway
I hear your voice inside my head
from the device I play
we don’t speak in hushed tones
like actors in movies
I raise my hand above the glass
to touch reality
I want to say so much but
words take all the room
instead I let the silence fill the space
and watch the moon
I believe and hope too much
I’ve been warned more than once
but I don’t care, for the moment
all I have is enough

parking in the drive
fluorescent lit and I’m awake
the electric hum’s the only thing
that’s ever up this late
I don’t have the energy to barely stir
cause I’m transfixed at the miracle
that just occurred
this drive rolls on through the night
even when it ends it continues in mind
captured forever in the dark on our way
on the open road, free to speak
but not say

© 2018 Anna Wrasse.  All rights reserved.