“Scars,” released on To You, 2018.

don’t forget that night
when I found out the news
of how you crashed your bike
and earned many a bruise
how I sat helplessly
several miles away
I was worried for the state
of your health and your brain
I guess we turned out
the messed up kids
cause you and me and him
crash far more than this
and we’ve blacked out
took a trip to the ER
rode on an ambulance
and now we’re scarred
and these scars
these scars
these scars won’t tear us apart

imagine family near
huddled close and in fear
I called your cell phone
listened to the old tone
your mother told me
that you were okay
you were sleeping safe
in the medical bay
I need to get you out
of that white room
your heart’s on machines
instead of me
I want to be there
and tell you it’s okay
but I know you know that fact
in dreams already
and these scars
these scars
these scars remind us who we are

© 2018 Anna Wrasse.  All rights reserved.