Original Songs

All songs and albums are widely available on music streaming platforms. ©Anna Wrasse Music, all rights reserved.

Songs released on Anywhere, 2020

My Love is My Religion
First Choice
I Want You to Believe
Since You Saw Me Last
Between Me and You
Sweet Song
Strangers in the Airport
The Last Song to You
Coffee – on physical CD and digital single

Songs released on To You, 2018

Temporary Home
The Exception
Leaving Us Behind
Quand je dors
To You
The Time We Have
I Promise
String & Bow
When You Leave
So Much

Songs released on Temporary Home, 2017

Temporary Home
At Night
The Long Way Home

Songs released on At Night, 2016

For Josie
This Story
At Night
The Long Way Home
Speaking in Silence

Live Recorded Broadcasts

  • Indiana Public Radio’s “The Scene” hour long music and interview podcast, Oct. 24, 2020
  • Anna’s WFHB 1/2 hour Local Live Radio Broadcasts: August 29, 2018, Dec. 20, 2017 (accompanied by violinist Phillip Hammond), September 7, 2016.