“Hurricane,” released on To You, 2018. Features Phillip Hammond on violin.

“Hurricane Instrumental,” with Phillip Hammond, released on To You.

magic pouring down
on our faces
the looks we exchange
between phrases
our skin saturated
colored in
the light fading
as we stand in the water
I tell it word for word
we were running in the rain
dancing in a hurricane
think I’ve been waiting my whole life
for this
we were lying on the ground
listen closely for the sound
of the thunder from the heavens
singing bliss

the sun splintered jade
into fractals
the line that we wander
you promised the jump
indecision and then trust
the stones casting ripples ‘cross the stream
do you know what I mean?
oh you fell twice
water blurred the line
between what is real
and the curve of your smile
I follow you
I always do
and all that we conceal
is reflected in the sky

© 2018 Anna Wrasse.  All rights reserved.