When You Leave

“When You Leave”

“When You Leave,” released on To You, 2018.

take your time as it is
we’ve got an hour to kill
before the high kicks in
when we’re racing up the hill
no one knows the way we wander
the secret paths we take
nearly imperceptible
leaving footprints in our wake
will my heart still beat
will my mouth still speak
when you leave
will my legs still burn
will my mind still churn
when we’re adjourned
will your hands still shake
when I look your way
will you stay
will your eyes still see
the hidden part of me
when you leave?

tick tock, time stops
when the rain drops
stall to make it last until
the winding trail is past
your time is running out
and mine hangs on the sun
I hate to see this end
but I know it’s just begun
at the end of the world
you and I did rule
time passed differently
in different reality
at the end of the world
we discovered
forest leaves; our canopy
the sun set too soon
chorus x2

© 2018 Anna Wrasse.  All rights reserved.