“Skin,” demo recorded at Wisconsin Cheese Studios, 2017.

you shuffle in your shoes
hiding under hoodies
eyes behind windowpanes
you’re keeping quiet
cause you don’t think that
anyone cares what you say
you walk shoulders hunched
hands jammed in your pockets
cause you don’t know how to act
you imagine whispers
cutting like a sharp knife
about you behind your back
does anyone feel comfortable
in their own skin
am I the only one of us
who feels like this
does anyone feel comfortable
to break through
am I the only one of us
who knows how to

you keep apologizing
about nothing
for everything you do
I’m wondering why
you’re so scared and shy
I wish I was more like you
it seems as though
everybody I meet
has got something they
don’t let people see
cause what’s keeping them
from living free
is their insecurity

© 2017 Anna Wrasse.  All rights reserved.