Pretty for You

“Pretty for You”

“Pretty for You,” demo recorded at Wisconsin Cheese Studios, 2018.

I don’t walk these streets at night
they’re dark, foreboding those
sideway sights
guess I shouldn’t wake them
from the cold and dreamless sleep
and I don’t need more reasons
to be counting my sheep
I’m tired of being
dressed up
pretty for you
and I’m tired of being left
to do
the work you leave
scattered ’round me
and I’m tired of being pretty
for you

I don’t wear these clothes for you
you act entitled
to control what I do
guess I shouldn’t distract you from
your monotonous day
and I don’t need your reasons
to be sent home to change
it was not a pretty thing to
imagine you
but I’ve been stared down
it is not a pretty thing to
fear your presence
now I’m restricted

© 2018 Anna Wrasse.  All rights reserved.