“Mermaid,” demo recorded at Wisconsin Cheese Studios, 2017.

I’m never turning back
on what was mine
never gonna leave myself behind
where the water meets the beach
and there the salty raging sea
where the waters warm
and where I was born
I know there’s a home for me

and now I’m breathing in the surf
just sandals and t-shirts
and now I’m standing here
it’s just so clear
this is where I’m meant to be
now I’m tanning in the sun
just drinking in the sky
and now I’m swimming through
the ocean blue
I’ve found a place that’s true
Away oh here I go
where the sand meets the sea
and the sun beating down on me
where I could lie
for the rest of my life
if it weren’t for my restless feet

and the sun is shining down
on the face of the earth now
and the tides obey
the call of the moon
and I dove down
as far as I could take it
but there are questions
that still evade me
and I’m changing every day
all the time since I’ve learned how
and I’ve finally figured out now
I’m truly a mermaid
glimmer under the sea
right here in the ocean
where I’m meant to be
Away oh here I go
where the ocean’s waters call
there’s a place to feel my heartbeat
there’s a place for you
and there’s a place for me

© 2017 Anna Wrasse.  All rights reserved.